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Frederick Bligh Bond
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Evergreen Dazed
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Re: Frederick Bligh Bond
Jan 23, 2017, 23:24
tjj wrote:
Evergreen Dazed wrote:

What a tragically beautiful thing, though, if we exist in this unbelievably small, unlikely window, doing all this stuff, putting up stones, kneeling to invisible masters, thinking, striving, creating, feeling, and then die, never to be seen or heard again, a tiny light in a tiny little part of an unimaginably vast unforgiving universe.
I can't quite believe that, or as i said, maybe i don't want to.

You would have to apply that to every person who has ever lived and died and we all know life is actually very cheap in some parts of the world. I'm guessing I'm quite a bit older than you so I talk from experience. I've investigated lots of 'paths' during my life - and they all lead to one place. We die. The End. Perhaps our children's children might inherit a physical trait or a particular type of personality but no-one we know will be around to verify it.

I'm well aware we have the luxury of these thoughts and ideas.
I hope I made myself reasonably clear about the source of any thoughts, feelings of this nature. .
I don't believe in anything in particular.
I just enjoy entertaining possibilities.

Looking away from this planet and the many and varied problems created by its human residents, where did all of this begin? how? and why? 400 billion stars in our galaxy alone. over 100 billion galaxies in the universe.

And what is the nature of your or my reality?
what is life and death?

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