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Frederick Bligh Bond
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Evergreen Dazed
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Re: Frederick Bligh Bond
Jan 23, 2017, 21:28
tiompan wrote:
Evergreen Dazed wrote:
tiompan wrote:
Evergreen Dazed wrote:
tiompan wrote:
Evergreen Dazed wrote:
tiompan wrote:
Evergreen Dazed wrote:

I like the sound of the monks telling him where to dig!

It's wonderful , and some punters actually bought it .

"I know they are dead , but I can communicate with them , they guide my hand , trust me I'm an architect "

Are you trying to tell us that you do not believe in communication with the dead, tiompan?

I know , when you say stuff like that , it sounds like a Dawkins fan .

I like to think i'm floating about somewhere between the two extremes, coming to very few conclusions.

Does that mean that you think that someone at sometime has received a meaningful communication from a dead (in the python sense ) being ?

Personally I think the odds are somewhere between zero and vanishingly small .

For me to feel happy with my answer to that question, it would probably need to be pages long.
Maybe I can sum it up and get a reasonable sense of satisfaction by saying the logic I need to follow to get on in the everyday world says 'of course not' but the artist bit, for want of a better word, questions what the bloody hell the universe is, what spacetime is, what the entire ridiculous game is all about. Is somebody in control after all? It can sometimes all feel like an illusion.

It's a bit of battle for me if you like, is that what they call a duality?

I'm happy in the wishy washy middle ground, I don't need to *believe*.

I often find myself occupying the middle ground /fence sitting in many situations , and I don't believe that I/ we have such a great grasp of reality , but there's enough to get by . And whilst perfectly aware of the problems with reason , they are not so problematic as to stop coming up with sufficient reason not to believe in the afterlife , which I think would be a necessity for the post dead communication .

It's something I enjoy thinking about.
I agree with you (or that part of me does!) but I can't dismiss it entirely, partly because I don't want to - I like to indulge those thoughts and feelings. I think it does me good.
Is that some dreadful admission about escape from a hum drum existence? I don't think so.

If we lived by logic alone I would imagine our lives would be very different to how they currently run. So maybe it's just an extension of the more emotional, unreliable side.

What a tragically beautiful thing, though, if we exist in this unbelievably small, unlikely window, doing all this stuff, putting up stones, kneeling to invisible masters, thinking, striving, creating, feeling, and then die, never to be seen or heard again, a tiny light in a tiny little part of an unimaginably vast unforgiving universe.

I can't quite believe that, or as i said, maybe i don't want to.

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