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Artist Title Author Date
Miles Davis Bitches Brew 23 22nd Dec 02
Kevin Ayers The Confessions of Dr. Dream and Other Stories 67 Shelby Mustang 3rd Sep 05
Pere Ubu Datapanik In The Year Zero a23 30th May 00
Psychic TV Trip Reset a23 27th Apr 04
The Subway Sect Nobody's Scared/Don't Split It a23 22nd May 00
Crass Penis Envy aaroneous 16th Aug 00
Iron Butterfly In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida played at 45 rpm aaroneous 7th Nov 01
Monster Magnet Tab...25 aaroneous 23rd Aug 00
The Legendary Pink Dots The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse aaroneous 18th Aug 00
The Verve No Come Down aaroneous 19th Aug 00
Von LMO Future Languages aaroneous 6th Apr 01
Ween The Pod aaroneous 17th Aug 00
Arica Heaven achuma 24th Nov 08
Arica Arica achuma 24th Nov 08
Bedemon Child Of Darkness achuma 16th Feb 06
Besombes-Rizet Pôle achuma 13th Mar 06
Between Einstieg achuma 22nd Jul 06
Can Prehistoric Future achuma 15th Jan 06
Cheval Fou Cheval Fou (1970-1975) achuma 19th Aug 10
Clive John You Always Know Where You Stand With A Buzzard achuma 24th May 06
Cravinkel Garden of Loneliness achuma 22nd Oct 09
Edgar Broughton Band Wasa Wasa achuma 13th Apr 11
Fluence Fluence achuma 29th Mar 06
Grand Theft Hiking Into Eternity achuma 6th Sep 06
Günter Schickert Samtvogel achuma 15th Jan 06
Henri Roger Images... achuma 29th Mar 06
Herbert F. Bairy Traumspiel achuma 25th Apr 14
Jan Dukes de Grey Mice and Rats in the Loft achuma 29th Dec 05
Jerusalem Jerusalem achuma 8th Jun 06
John Sangster Marinetti (OST) achuma 22nd Nov 10
Krozier & the Generator Tranceformer achuma 11th Jan 06
Lard Free III (aka Spirale Malax) achuma 27th Jun 06
Lard Free Gilbert Artman's Lard Free achuma 27th Jun 06
Lard Free I'm Around About Midnight achuma 27th Jun 06
Lobby Loyde Plays With George Guitar achuma 9th Feb 06
Lobby Loyde Beyond Morgia - The Labyrinths of Klimster achuma 24th May 07
Lucifer Exit achuma 13th Dec 06
Orange Sunshine Homo Erectus achuma 24th Nov 08
Peter Green End Of The Game achuma 29th Dec 05
Philippe Besombes Ceci est Cela (aka Besombes) achuma 13th Mar 06
Philippe Besombes Libra achuma 13th Mar 06
Pôle Kotrill achuma 13th Mar 06
Pôle Inside The Dream achuma 13th Mar 06
Raven Rock Until You Drop achuma 24th Nov 08
Ron Geesin Right Through achuma 16th Feb 06
Ron Geesin A Raise Of Eyebrows achuma 16th Feb 06
Ron Geesin As He Stands achuma 16th Feb 06
SBB 2 - Nowy Horyzont achuma 5th Jul 06
SBB 1 achuma 5th Jul 06
Spiderbait ShashavaGlava achuma 25th Apr 14

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