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Artist Title Author Date
'X' Los Angeles Jasonaparkes 22nd Apr 07
23 Skidoo The Culling is Coming Lugia 30th Jan 04
25 Suaves 1938 Unisonic 27th May 03
5ive The Telestic Disfracture kwd 24th Jul 06
5ive's Continuum Research Project The Hemophiliac Dream kwd 22nd Feb 05
700 Club Smash the State of the Art Lawrence 14th Feb 13
801 801 Live Jasonaparkes 17th Feb 07
A Guy Called Gerald Black Secret Technology dave clarkson 2nd Feb 05
A Tribe Called Quest The Low End Theory Le Samourai 7th Aug 00
A-Trak Enter Ralph Wiggum David Cotner 7th Dec 02
a. r. kane sixty nine Jasonaparkes 3rd Mar 07
A.R. + Machines III phallus dei 11th Oct 15
A.R. Kane "69" Moon Cat 27th Mar 02
Aardvark Aardvark argyle_heir 16th May 04
AC/DC Back In Black mutleycat 7th Sep 02
AC/DC Flick of the Switch Seb 13th Apr 05
AC/DC Powerage (Vinyl version) griddell 28th Oct 06
Ace Frehley Ace Frehley Cerberus 9th Mar 03
Acid Mothers Temple Absolutely Freak Out (Zap Your Mind) Annexus Quam 14th May 01
After Dinner After Dinner/Live Editions Usiim Caan 20th Oct 01
Agata Spike MrNick 12th May 07
Agitation Free Last Adman 1st Feb 03
Agnostic Front The American Dream Died U Are A Ghost 1st Apr 15
Aillohas Sami Eatnan Duoddariid aether 21st Aug 12
Al Gromer Khan Divan I Khas (Visions of the Mogul Prince) gogmagog 13th Aug 07
Al Stewart Love Chronicles Fitter Stoke 15th Aug 02
Alan Silva Celestrial Communication Orchestra Luna Surface Dave Furgess 6th Mar 06
Alan Vega Alan Vega Lawrence 30th Nov 11
Albert Ayler Love Cry Dave Furgess 25th Feb 01
Albert Ayler Live in Greenwich Village: The Complete Recordings Dave Furgess 19th Mar 01
Alda Reserve Love Goes On Lawrence 9th Mar 05
Alex Chilton Like Flies On Sherbert argyle_heir 16th May 04
Alex Fergusson The Castle Burryman 16th Apr 06
Alexander "Skip" Spence Oar (1991 Remix) Joe Kenney 25th Apr 07
Alexander 'Skip' Spence Oar john 11th Apr 00
Alice Cooper Zipper Catches Skin Funeral 28th Oct 04
Alice Cooper Easy Action Sylvester Smythe 28th Oct 07
Alison's Halo Eyedazzler 1992 - 1996 Le Samourai 19th Jul 00
Allen Pound's Get Rich Searchin' In The Wilderness/Hey You Dave Furgess 6th Mar 06
Allerseelen Nornar Nagli/Panzergarten Eventyr 6th Sep 05
Allerseelen Knistern/Löwin Eventyr 6th Sep 05
Allerseelen Flamme Eventyr 6th Sep 05
Allerseelen Sturmlieder Eventyr 6th Sep 05
Allerseelen Venezia Eventyr 6th Sep 05
Alternative TV The Force Is Blind/Lost In A Room Dave Furgess 20th Sep 00
Alternative TV with Genesis P-Orridge The Industrial Sessions 1977 Jim Tones 18th Jan 03
Amboy Dukes Baby Please Don't Go/Psalms of Aftermath Brandon Tenold 21st Oct 08
American Music Club California Jasonaparkes 4th Mar 07
Amon Düül II Dance Of The Lemmings Lord Lucan 14th Aug 00
Amon Duul Psychedelic Underground phallus dei 19th May 00

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