Jessica/You Gotta Roll

Released 1972 on Capitol
Reviewed by Dave Furgess, 10/09/2002ce

Good old Bloodrock!! These hairy creeps were sort of like of Texas' answer to Grand Funk Railroad but to my ears they were much better (actually they sound a lot like Crabby Appleton.)
I had a friend in the mid 70's who had all the Bloodrock albums (along with other weird shit like Juicy Lucy, Silver Metre and those later Blue Cheer albums.) "Bloodrock 3" was our favorite, we used to play it all the time on his shitty Radio Shack stereo and drink lots of Schmidt's beer.
"Jessica" was the failed single from the album and I'll be damned if it doesn't sound pretty smooth these days. It starts with an out of shape bass and organ groove and gets down pretty nice, it's kinda like a less frantic Deep Purple thing with a short dose of SRC. Not bad at all!!
The flip "You Gotta Roll" ain't nothin' special though it's in the Lee Michaels/Sweathog vein.
Ultimately Bloodrock will be best remembered for their splatter-rock classic "DOA" yet "Jessica" is certainly a worthy contender for the Scuzz-Rock hall of fame in it's own right.

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