Released 1980 on DINDISC
Reviewed by cuntfuck, 05/04/2023ce

A band who are from Liverpool, influenced by Kraftwerk, Neu and La Dusseldorf. They went on to be a "pop band" with a single that did really well in the film pretty in pink in America. The main singer Andrew McLuskey who was a Leo Sayer lookalike, bass player and writer ended up the main song writer for Atomic Kitten they were a girlband with no talent. This album has some really decent moments and some real horror moments. Horror moments are whole of side two and most of side one. Being honest it has dour depressing sound apparently because of the death of Ian Curtis of Joy Division. Stanlow a song about an oil refinery and Statues a song for Curtis are the highlights. Some lovely use of synths and vocals, but mainly bland, Listen if you must....dohhhhh

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