The Foundations - Back On My Feet Again/I Can Take Or Leave...

The Foundations
Back On My Feet Again/I Can Take Or Leave...

Released 1968 on Pye
Reviewed by Dave Furgess, 06/10/2001ce

The Foundations will be known to most for their 2 hit singles "Baby Now That I Found You", and "Build Me Up Buttercup", so were they 2 hit wonders?, most definately not! The group issued a score of impressive rock & soul recordings during their brief lifetime. The Foundations along with The Equals, Love and The Chambers Brothers were one of the first racially intergrated pop groups, their style had elements of all these groups yet they had their own identity for sure.

"Back On My Feet Again" was the group's second UK 45 and the followup to their #1 smash "Baby, Now That I Found You." It begins with a similar hook as their debut but quickly finds it's own feet with original singer Clem Curtis shining brightly. This is a brilliant, catchy number that is easily as good as their first 45. Special note to organist Tony Gomez for his Mathew Fisher style runs. For you chart watchers it peaked at #18 in the UK, #49 in the U.S.A.

The flipside "I Can Take Or Leave Your Loving" is a Tamla/Motown flavored tune that is also worth a spin. This 45 can be found easily and cheaply, making it all the more attractive to the newcomer.

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