The Crystal Set
She Spits Out Stars/Gargoyle

Released 1990 on Red Eye (Australia)
Reviewed by Dave Furgess, 16/11/2000ce

The Crystal Set were a Sydney,Australia group who issued many magnificent pop records in the late 80's/early 90's especially the faultless "Who Needs Who Now" 45 and excellent long player "Umbrella". Sadly few people got to hear their records outside of hardcore fans of the Aussie Folk/Rock group The Church, you see Crystal Set bassist Russ Kilbey is the brother of Church lead singer Steve Kilbey. Music-wise The Set have a similar sound to The Church, but by no means are they copycats,to my ears they sound kinda like a modern day edition of The Beau Brummels with Marc Bolan on lead vocals!
"She Spits Out Stars" was issued as a 45 in Australia in 1990 and it is a breathtaking psychedelic pop record, the sound is quite modern with an insistent beat and bassline, touches of violin and psychedelic guitar and a hookline to die for. This song reaches you instantly and leaves you wondering how you got along in life before hearing it. What's truly amazing is the B side "Gargoyle" is even better,this song is 3 plus minutes of Folk/Rock heaven that will send chills down your spine and set your soul on fire!. This is what pop music is all about, PURE MAGIC!!!
Crystal Set records can still be found rather cheaply, but I'm sure when more people hear them the supplies will dry up fast. Get ahead of the game and buy them now!!!

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