Released 1999 on Omplatten
Reviewed by Alexis, 18/10/2000ce

This is the follow up to the self titled Os Mutantes album, I think it was originally issued in 1969. I always have trouble deciding which is my favourite between the first 2 albums by this band. The argument for this album, is that it is stronger on the whole, while the argument for the first album is that it has the headscrmbling wonder called Bat Macumba. There's nothing like it on this album, and overall the production is muted or compressed. If you can get over the oddness, it contains some excellent psychedelic pop. My favourites are :Nao Va se Perder Por Ai (You're not going to lose yourself out there), and Algo Mais.
Nao Va se... opens with one of the most annoying laughs I've ever heard (something like the actress Fran Drescher, and Jane Birkin on Ballad of Melody Nelson) The song is a fuzz-pop gem, and features a violin or such type instrument. Algo Mais(Something More) is an upbeat pop song. It suffers the most from the production. I thin kif it was as raw as some of the rock songs on the 1st album, it would be a mind blower (it's still grest though).Dia 36 (Day 36) is also a great psych song. It features brooding strings, and a really neat effect that had me checking if my cd player was busted. Near the end of the song, it slows down gradually and gives the effect of changing the record speed from 45 to 33 rpm for a single-very cool.
Fuga no2. (escape #2) is a beautiful ballad. The last song on the record Caminante Noturno (NIght walker) starts of with brass, sounding like the call to begin a hunt. This song shows alot of their Beatles influence. It has beautiful harmonies, strings, soaring melodies...(sorry I'm getting tired) it also strays into weirdness near the end which makes it all the more enjoyable.
This album is highly recommended, although you can skip on their 3rd lp (A divina comedia ou ando meio desligado) .There is a serious drop off in quality, as their sound changes to organ based 70's hard rock. It's a pity because the cover is great and there are 2 good songs (title track, and ave, Lucifer)

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