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Gary Numan - Splinter

Gary Numan

Released 2013 on mortal
Reviewed by billding68, 18/06/2015ce

Gary Numan is one of those artists who's output can easily be split in to "stages"
1978-popish punk
1979-1980-his robotic machine man stage
1981-1984-the fretless bass stage
1985-1992-a sea of so-so to terrible dance oriented albums
1994-present-the rebirth of his career and industrial rock sound

Its his most recent album id like to review very briefly..
Splinter (songs from a broken mind)2013

to put it mildly this album rocks hard in the same vein as NIN or land of rape and honey era ministry. it funny how someone who influenced so many younger artists has himself turned to them for inspiration and that's not a dig at Numan its actually a good thing in his case as the past decade has produced some of his most powerful fist pumping anthems. Splinter really is a continuation of the path he's been on, nothing ground breaking but Rock solid and sadly overlooked, Songs like" I am dust "and "everything comes down to this" are up there with his best and better than most of his more popular competition. As usual Numan has taken a new persona with this album as he has done pretty much with every release. This time out its a sort of cross between jack the ripper and the mad hatter its a effective visual and compliments the overall vibe of the music and not nearly as cringe worthy as his white suit/red bow tie from the early 90's. If youre ever given the opportunity to see Numan in concert jump at the chance! his days of stiff stage presence and bad disco moves are long gone replaced with a lunatic energy and band as tight as a hummingbird asshole! Please don't confuse this gary numan with the 90's gary numan,they are very much a different beast all together.

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