Chesmann Square - Circles (Instant Party)/Try

Chesmann Square
Circles (Instant Party)/Try

Released 1969 on Lion
Reviewed by Dave Furgess, 05/10/2000ce

Chesmann Square were Kansas City's answer to The Nazz. As far as I know this is their only record but is it ever a good one. The topside is a full on psychedelic treatment of Peter Townshend's mod classic "Circles (Instant Party)". Chesmann Square's version is more in step with the version cut by obscure British beat group The Fluer De Lys than The Who's original, it features some top drawer guitar work.

The flipside "Try" is even better, it's an absolutely beautiful Beatles/Left Banke style ballad that will melt you in your tracks. This record come out in 1969 but it sounds more like late 1966, the photo of the group on the sleeve looks like the cover of the first Nazz album, a group that can't help but come to mind when playing this.

After Chesmann Square split original members Gary Hodgden and Mayo James McAllister teamed up with Michael Brown of The Left Banke in a short-lived group in the mid 70's called The Beckies, who cut a reasonable album for Sire.

I would say this 45 by Chesmann Square is a must for fans of The Raspberries, Shoes, Creme Soda, The Common People, Merry Go Round etc., it may set you back a few bills but trust me it's worth it!.

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