Various Artists - White Eye of Winter Watching

Various Artists
White Eye of Winter Watching

Released 2011 on Hospital Productions
Reviewed by Lawrence, 06/12/2011ce

Well yet another compilation I was asked to review...

Hospital Productions of course is the place to go in New York City if you're a fanatic for industrial noise, particularly on cassette. So to celebrate an anniversary of their existence they put out a double-tape of nothing but industrial noise, some by artists that existed at the start of the cassette culture way back in the 80s, such as (of course) Ramleh, Controlled Bleeding, even a revival of Sleepchamber (if anyone remembers that dodgy goth/pseudo-industrial/ritual group from Boston...) And of course lots of newer acts I've never even heard of. Needless to say, this is three hours worth of material that is hard to digest in one sitting unless you are dedicated to this kind of stuff. Limited to 1000 copies, this should be highly sought after by noise freaks old and young...

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