Danny and the Juniors
At The Hop

Released 1957 on Singular
Reviewed by Dave Furgess, 26/09/2000ce

I guess we all have a theory on where PUNK ROCK originated, Danny and the Juniors smokin' 1957 masterpiece "At The Hop" is my choice but I'm sure there are many earlier examples you can take your pick. Still going through my collection this is my favorite.
You probably all know this record as well you should. To me this song never gets old everytime I play it (which is often) I always walk away with a big smile on my face. Original pressings have the "COOL" 1-2-3-4 count off before the song kicks in, you might remember Flash Cadillac and the Continental Kids great version of "At The Hop" from the "American Graffitti" film these heads obviously studied the original single.
Anyway on to the record, this 45 is pure grease! kinda like the stain on the brown paper sack when you're done eating some french fries. It starts with some smooth piano pounding that looks forward to The Sonics early gems, then the boys all chime in with some ultra boss "BA-BA-BA'S" then the whole thing takes flight Danny is SUPERBAD on lead vocals and The Juniors smoke like 1957's answer to the MC5. Danny keeps reminding you "all the cats and chicks can get their kicks At The Hop". RIGHT ON DANNY!! RIGHT ON!!

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