More Plastic
The Last Silver Special

Released 1997 on ModerNation/Sonic Unyon
Reviewed by Alexis, 25/09/2000ce

More Plastic is Toronto's premier motor-city inspired band. This is their debut album recorded on a local indie label. I absolutely love the packaging of this cd, it comes in a cardboard case that sits in a plastic slip case. The cd comes in one of those envelopes that cd-roms come in- a very vinyl-like package. This band is sounds like a mix of early 70's Stones, and Elektra era Stooges. Live, singer Dean Sterling's voice has all the raunch of Iggy on Death Trip, but here he tries to sing a little bit, and while it lacks the same power, it still works. The way he sings on the opening track Universal Man is more like the way he sounds live. My favourite songs off this album have changed over the last few years, although I tend to prefer their more Stooges sounding songs, like Universal Man, Nico Teen, Space is The Place and Music Is My Mantra. These are very noticeably Funhouse influenced, containg some stinging guitar, and sax. Other songs on the album tend to tone down the Stooges inflence a bit for more of a straight rock or psychelic pop approach, although they are quite good. The album is still not a great indication of how they sound live, because they sound much harder, and the guitar come across with more of an Mc5 dual guitar sound. Ther is a neat little interlude that reappears several times diving the cd in parts. I only really paid attention to it when I was preparing for this review, it contains the sound of a film projector playing. The music is reprised for a hidden track at eh end of the cd. I don't know what it's called, and it has a girl singing, so it ounds a bit different from the rest of the album. Pale, which sits right in the middle of the album is also an oddity. It's a ballad, with bass player Delko singing, and contains (i think ) synth strings.
This cd may not be for everybody, but I feel like the band is tapping into something that not alot of people do. They are currently recording their 2nd album which I'm anxioulsy awaiting.
If you're interested inhearing them, they are touring North America this fall, otherwise you should check their which has mp3's available of some of the songs I've mentioned.

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