White Trash - Road to Nowhere/Illusions

White Trash
Road to Nowhere/Illusions

Released 1969 on Apple
Reviewed by Dave Furgess, 23/09/2000ce

First of all this group had no connection to the American group led by Edgar Winter. The bunch who made this 45 were a semi-obscure British act who somehow got the attention of one of The Beatles (probably George Harrison) and cut a couple of singles for the group's Apple label.

Sadly this 45 never got promoted and that's too bad because it is fucking brilliant!!!. The A side is a doom laden reading of the Carole King classic "Road to Nowhere" (also covered by USA folk act Hearts & Flowers) Trash give it the Spooky Tooth treatment and blow it to smithereens.
If the A side brought in this far then by all means turn the record over because the flipside "Illusions" is one of British psychedelia's high water marks. This song is a nightmarish excursion into madness, the energy put forth is relentless and the backing vocals are terrifying. This track is as good as anything by The Creation, The Factory or The Misunderstood etc., I can think of no higher praise.

I know Beatle freaks will want to throw rocks at me for saying this but this 45 by White Trash (aka Trash) is the best 45 Apple ever released PERIOD, and it ranks right there with the greatest sides of the psychedelic era!

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