The Game - It's Shocking What They Call Me / Help Me, Mummy's Gone

The Game
It's Shocking What They Call Me / Help Me, Mummy's Gone

Released 1967 on Parlophone
Reviewed by Dave Furgess, 25/05/2007ce

This record is one of the great Mod/Pop Art records that the UK ever managed to spew forth. When I first heard The Creation's "Making Time" 45 back around 1980 I was just knocked out by how raw it was, it almost sounded like a 1977 UK punk record. Well this record by The Game actually takes it a step further. Both sides of this record were recorded with amps turned up to 10 and everything in sight feeding back into a three chord nocturnal hell. I would rate "It's Shocking What They Call Me" as one of the greatest MOD thumpers of all time, I'd place it right next to The Southern Sound's "I Don't Wanna Go" in terms of all out distorted frenzy. As crazy as it sounds "It's Shocking What They Call Me" was actually issued as a replacement to a late 1966 A-side The Game cooked up called "The Addicted Man" (which I talked about on this site a few years back.) "The Addicted Man" was actually pulled from the release sheet after it was given the thumbs down treatment on UK pop show "Juke Box Jury" (the song was actually an anti-heroin song, and one of the best,right up there with Dion's "Your Own Back Yard.") So The Game (cavemen that they were) issued an even more sinister 45 that of course also managed to fall several light years away from the Top 40 charts.

"I'ts Shocking What They Call Me" is so raw you can barely make out the instruments, it sounds like it was recorded at the same sessions as Randy Alvey & The Green Fuz's "Green Fuz", The Monacles "I Can't Win" & even The Keggs "To Find Out", yes it is that raw! The guitars sound like Rickenbackers cranked up really high to the point of delerium, while the drummer pounds away at his kit like he is waiting for an audition for The Jesus & Mary Chain. Yet in typical British fashion there is a neat little Kinks-type pop song sandwiched between the mess. Rarely has a UK group sounded this raw and unmanagable, and yes thank GOD for that!

The B-side "Help Me, Mummy's Gone" was carried over from "The Addicted Man" issue, this creepy little number sounds like it was leaked out from the mixed up/confusion pen of Pete Townshend during his "I'm A Boy"/"Substitute" period. Once again the production is ultra raw, the guitars and gorilla beat drumming take turns hammering at your skull. This song as I mentioned earlier was covered by the late, great Liverpool group from the 80's The Walking Seeds. Maybe The Fall should have had a whack at covering The Game.

Both sides of this 45 have been compiled over the years, The A-side on "The Perfumed Garden Volume 1", the B-side on "Chocolate Soup For Diabetics Volume 3" & "Electric Sugar Cube Flashbacks Volume 1." There was also a legitimate Game anthology available in the late 90's called "It's Shocking What They Call Us" which may just be the way to go. The Game also reformed in the late 1990's for a reunion 45, the personnel was similar to the lineup on the Parlophone 45's.

The Game Discography:

45 "But I Do" b/w "Gotta Keep On Moving Baby" (Pye 1965) ***
45 "Gotta Wait" b/w "Gonna Get Me Someone" (Decca 1966) *****
45 "The Addicted Man" b/w "Help Me, Mummy's Gone" (Parlophone 1966-withdrawn) *****
45 "It's Shocking What They Call Me" b/w "Help Me, Mummy's Gone" (Parlophone 1967) *****
Note-The star ratings on each 45 are my own opinions.

The Game Personnel (On Parlophone 45's only)
Tony Bird-Guitar, Vocals
Allen Janaway-Bass Guitar
Terry Spencer-Lead Guitar
Terry Goodsell-Drums
Terry Brown-Drums

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