The Juveniles - Bo Diddley/Yes I Believe

The Juveniles
Bo Diddley/Yes I Believe

Released 1965 on Jerden/Pye
Reviewed by Dave Furgess, 14/01/2007ce

I have had this 45 in my collection since 1984 and it was only recently that I bothered to listen to the B-side. I usually always listen to B-sides of 45's because you just never know what you will find there, numerous gems have found themselves tucked away on B-sides. But for some reason I never played the flipside of this here 45, and I feel a bit stupid right now.

But first to the A side, I was first introduced to this cover of "Bo Diddley" through the UK garage/R&B sampler "Demention Of Sound" (put out by the same great people responsible for "Chocolate Soup For Diabetics.") Seeing that this sampler dealt exclusively with British acts I just assumed The Juveniles were a UK group (the 45 received a UK issue on Pye.) But in reality they were from Norman, Oklahoma (home to such greats as Barry Switzer, Bud Wilkinson, Billy Tubbs and of course football near legend and star of the best drive-in movie of the 90's "Stone Cold" the one and only Brian Bosworth.)

The Juveniles version of "Bo Diddley" is quite simply lethal, it opens with a guitar riff that is so raw it might just tear the paint off your wall. It might even eclipse such greats as The Pretty Things' "Rosalyn" and The Fairies "Get Yourself Home." Pure garage mayhem and easily a match for the early MC5 singles on A-Square. A true raver!!!!

I played the B-side "Yes I Believe" for the first time this past summer and I was just knocked out by it. However it does sound like it was recordred by an entirely different group (shades of The Ohio Express.) This track is a beautiful white soul ballad that reminds me of The Rationals or Flaming Ember. It could have easily been a hit had it been promoted.

I guess the moral of this story is, ALWAYS PLAY THE B-SIDE!!!!

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