The Spectres - Stories/Things

The Spectres

Released 1980 on Demon
Reviewed by Dave Furgess, 16/07/2000ce

This group only issued 2 45's in thier brief existence. They are not related at all to the pre-Status Quo outfit who recorded a few singles for Piccadilly in the mid 60's.

This group of Spectres were a band fronted by ex-Sex Pistols/Rich Kids bassist/singer Glen Matlock with help from ex-TRB men Danny Kustow (guitar) and Mark Ambler (keyboards.) Sort of a punk/new wave super-group in the tradition of Blind Faith.

"Stories" is a gorgeous pop record that is quite different from his Rich Kids recordings. This number builds slowly but surely and turns into a fabulous modern soul record that reminds me of Secret Affair. It even has an attractive use of horns in the fadeout.

"Things" on the flipside is also first rate, this one is much more up-tempo and reminds me of Wire during one of their more "pop" moments. I seem to remember this 45 got single of the week in Melody Maker in the UK.

I really thought Glen Matlock was destined for greatness as a songwriter but he never hung around long enough with any group to gain any momentum. He seemed to always be involved in short lived projects like The Spectres. Who knows how good this group could have become.

Incidentally the band's other 45 "This Strange Effect" (Ray Davies song) b/w "Getting Away With Murder" is also first rate.

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