Julian Cope presents Head Heritage

Various Performers
"My Music: My Generation - The 60’s" - A PBS Film

Released 2008 on PBS
Reviewed by horazio, 31/03/2008ce

They’d invited aging performers to participate in a concert or shot some live
at venues, with Michelle Phillips hosting. The Rascals under the name New Rascals with 3 original members did "Good Lovin’" perfectly. Eric Burdon & the Animals did "It’s My Life" taped in a club. Eric’d shaven his head looking like an old pirate. Rick Derringer with the house band did "Hang On Sloopy" /it’d been proclaimed official song of OHIO by the state parliament/ representing the McCoys. Blood, Sweat & Tears needn’t have to sweat to shine on brightly. Iron Butterfly with the line-up back together were a true highlight doing "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vidda" /the original idea’s "In the Garden of Eden"!/. Still long-haired as in the late 60’s they pushed themselves up to the limit, with the Hammond B 3 recreating the same vibe as back in the day. Also on top form were Mark Stein - Keyb, Voc & guitarist Vince Martell as well as Carmine Appice of Vanilla Fudge, who have reformed, shaking the venue up doing "You Keep Me Hanging On", volume powered up!

It concluded with Ron Dante of the Archies, interpreting "Sugar Sugar", to visible satisfaction in the audience who provided the back-ups in the absence of other band members.

2 thumbs up to PBS for the effort!

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