Julian Cope presents Head Heritage

Nornar Nagli/Panzergarten

Released 2002 on Aorta
Reviewed by Eventyr, 06/09/2005ce

in the wake of stirb und werde, kadmon has scored another bulls-eye with this splendid 7". nornar nagli is a fusion of the atavistic and the technocratic. throbbing electronics and bass sway beneath tribal drums. a wood-flute performs a lilting phrase. this is the sound of ancestral Europa calling from beyond time, from primeval swamps to deepest space and into the souls of her progeny. The flip-side delivers Panzergarten. This sinewy tune keeps an ancient sounding rhythm, with the addition of an unforgettable bass-line and layered synths. Whistling winds bring to mind a freezing wasteland, as is additionally suggested by the outline of Antarctica which appears upon the centre label. Kadmon´s poetic lyrics offer further cerebral sustencance. Images of snow are contrasted with an iron-grey hardness. The Antarctic label is offset by ferrous-coloured vinyl. An icy breeze blows through a glistening landscape dotted with the wrecked shells of steel hulks. Kadmon´s softly spoken words "weiss der Schnee" contrast well with his distorted voice in the chorus. An ideal way to bring this prime cut of vinyl to its terminus. (Judas Kiss)

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