The Teardrop Explodes—

Head Heritage / 2004ce
  1. From Five Miles Up
  2. Camera Camera
  3. Brave Boys Keep Their Promises
  4. Nobody Knows This Is Everywhere
  5. When I Dream
  6. Screaming Secrets
  7. Books
  8. The Culture Bunker
  9. I'm Not The Loving Kind
  10. Log Cabin
  11. Tiny Children
  12. You Disappear From View
  13. ...And The Fighting Takes Over
  14. Sleeping Gas
  15. The Tunnel
  16. Ritchie Blofeld
This compilation of rare material from The Teardrop Explodes features 16 songs culled from lost recording sessions, demos and the various live bootlegs that have permeated the underworld these past twenty years. Having a bee in his bonnet about the manner in which ex-managers endlessly re-package the same stuff over and over, Julian Cope has located and re-mastered this ancient material for your perusal, delivered as a shiny new album in the Zoo Records tradition of clashing colours and rudimentary graphics.

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