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One Three One
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Re: One Three One
May 23, 2014, 08:32
Markoid wrote:
Andfurthermoreagain wrote:
bluntlaser wrote:
Yeah i think it must have been a random freebie. I'm very intrigued by this book although i know very little about it. A Cope fiction is almost unimaginable.

I have a strong suspicion it will be similar (though not in plot or concept) to novels like Valis by Philip K Dick, in that it will be an unfolding, gnostic epic, essentially fictional but (and this is where the Valis comparison comes in) with autobiographical and warped non-fictional real-world elements. I get the impression there will be a great deal of Julian in the 'Rock Section' character.
Obviously there appears to be a strong hooligan/football theme running through it but I do wonder if this is narrative mechanism by which Cope could posit the main characters in the vicinity of Sardinia - given its Italia 90 setting.

I'm gonna start reading it properly tomorrow as I have a couple of days off work, but without giving too much away, skim reading some sections do seem to have some elements of the man himself as many novelists do incorporate parts of themselves into fiction writing. So your suspicion is probably on the ball! My copy has 53 chapters and bite sized, yet seem continuous but also immediate. Most of the chapter names could easily be the titles of any Julian Cope song...so hence, it seems to make a short song into an 'album' and then into a book.

Anyway, the road trip starts tomorrow!

Nae spoilers now!
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