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One Three One
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Edited Apr 23, 2014, 10:11
Re: One Three One
Apr 23, 2014, 10:08
jb lamptoast-morsley wrote:
I'm finding this all mighty confusing for a bear of little brain such as wot i am. Regardless, loving one million fuzz guitars and robert courtney!

I've got a really good feeling about all of this...

I'm beginning to lose sight of the boundaries between fact & fiction myself now (which is likely what Cope is intending), however I think (and am fairly sure that) OMFTG are real and Skin Patrol are real.
Dayglo Maradona, of course, are fictional and from the One Three One universe. Their fictional 'dance' version of Rock Section is a cover of Skin Patrol's real version. It doesn't help that Rock Section is also the name of the main character in One Three One.
Cope has also previously mentioned a version of Rock Section by Colours Out Of Time who supported the Teardrops at one point.
Brits Abroad are most definitely fictional (unless there really was a lost Madchester band with a singer who sounds uncannily like Julian Cope putting on a Manc accent).
I'm liking all this though, think we can safely say One Three One has gone seriously viral and our boundaries between the known and unknown will be further cracked/distorted/distended once we get to read it.....
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