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Albums Of The Year 2011 CE
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Squid Tempest
Squid Tempest
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Re: Albums Of The Year 2011 CE
Jan 06, 2012, 16:18
machineryelf wrote:
Squid Tempest wrote:
I've just got Kate's 50 Words, and I have to say it hasn't grabbed me yet. What is that track with The Elt all about? He sounds too much like his characature on the Impression Show for comfort - "Text me when the baby gets to Universiteeee!"...

I love that Elton song, best thing he's done in years,I've also never seen the Impressions show maybe I should youtube it.
Only thing I could pick fault with is Stephen Fry, because you can't get away from him at the moment, should have got Attila Csihar to do it

ps best bits about 50WFS, the bit where sings about 'melting in her hands'

a delicate little piano riff just after she sings about 'leaves in the mouth' absolutely entrancing, I'm thinking of chopping that bit out and looping it continously until I'm rendered into cosmic dust by the approaching endtimes

Hahaha! Splendid!
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