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Albums Of The Year 2011 CE
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Edited Jan 06, 2012, 12:45
Re: Albums Of The Year 2011 CE
Jan 06, 2012, 10:18
more votes for Black tempest from me, both Secret Astronomies & Supernormal Recordings are up there

Easily my album of the year is Kate Bush 50 Words For Snow, not quite as impressed with The Directors Cut

Pj Harvey Let England Shake woyld have been top if it wasn't for Kate Bush

White Hills HP1, not heard the live cd yet but I'm sure it would be here if I had

Bong - Beyond Ancient Space

Tim Hecker - Rave death 72

Current 93 - Honeysuckle Aeons reviews of this seemed lukewarm but I love it

Spaceship - Compendium another 2011 triple gem

John Fahey - Your Past Comes Back To Haunt You still taking this in, 5cds is way too big but this is a stunning release as anyone who has any Dust To Digital releases will now, time to start mentioning that huge wooden Babylon boxset thingy in connection with my birthday I think

Boris - Attention Please if they had released one cd instead of farting about over 3 they would probably have made 3rd place but of the 3 released Attention Please is the one that grabbed me most

felt rather let down by Caina - Hands That Pluck not bad but not as good as I was hoping and Oneida Absolute II is still sounding half baked to my ears, did that Aethenor En Form for Bla come out this year, rather let down by that too

I've spent more time this year buying old stuff than keeping up with what's new, and a lot of what I've heard that's new sounds like a rehash of Sabbath/Spacemen 3. As my most anticipated purchases of 2012 at the moment are the Phil Lynott box and the JAMC reissues I suspect I may need to broaden my horizons, luckily plenty of choice from the lists here plus things from 2011 I still want to hear Low,40 Watt Sun, A Winged Victory For The Sullen ,Cathedral live & the Haino/O'rourke release with the long title

edit late addition because I couldn't remember the title, always think its On Their Knees a la BOC but is fact
Delphic Vapours - Get Off Their Knees the Cluster to Black Tempests Tangerine Dream which reminds me that I shouls add the Owen Tromans CD to the to check list

also Skyrim soundtrack, not sure if this is commercially available but as it has been background music in our house for the last few months it has seeped into my brain
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