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Bowie, genius or not...
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Re: Bowie, genius or not...
Jul 28, 2010, 16:57
keith a wrote:
machineryelf wrote:
They weren't , they were ploughing the same rut Sabbath, Heep and a bunch of others were, admittedly at the time it was a fresh rut but nothing unless playing blues through fuck off stacks was that startingly original. Try the Yardbirds,Kinks, Blue Cheer or [darkcloudsloom] CLAPTON [oh no , it's the C word]

Or compare Budgie to Pink Floyd in 67, or whatever, how the fuck do you get from Bowie to Budgie, where is that 6 degree site

btw greatest metal LP ever The Man Who Sold The World, lets get that ball rolling:-)

Sorry! I've got to take responsibility for that thread diversion, MYE, commenting on someone who said Budgie were distinctive then saying DB was derivative.

I don't remember hearing Budgie until the mid-70's by which time they sounded like loads of other bands that were around, exept - IMO - nowhere near as good as a lot of them. I was wondering if I'd been missing some late 60's work that I was unaware of.

I like Budgie Keith, I expect that tells you as much about them as you want to know

no you havn't missed Budgie VU covers lp or the proto Stooges phase, they do have some great lyrics though

Woman, climbing
Drifting, wild one
These visions of a mystery girl
And she's coming out of cloud nine yeah
Oh I can see her
Nude yeah yeah
Disintegrating parachutist woman

just when you think you've sussed them they drop in the line 'Nude Disintegrating Parachute Woman' wtf ;-)
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