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Bowie, genius or not...
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keith a
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Re: Bowie, genius or not...
Jul 28, 2010, 16:45
machineryelf wrote:
They weren't , they were ploughing the same rut Sabbath, Heep and a bunch of others were, admittedly at the time it was a fresh rut but nothing unless playing blues through fuck off stacks was that startingly original. Try the Yardbirds,Kinks, Blue Cheer or [darkcloudsloom] CLAPTON [oh no , it's the C word]

Or compare Budgie to Pink Floyd in 67, or whatever, how the fuck do you get from Bowie to Budgie, where is that 6 degree site

btw greatest metal LP ever The Man Who Sold The World, lets get that ball rolling:-)

Sorry! I've got to take responsibility for that thread diversion, MYE, commenting on someone who said Budgie were distinctive then saying DB was derivative.

I don't remember hearing Budgie until the mid-70's by which time they sounded like loads of other bands that were around, exept - IMO - nowhere near as good as a lot of them. I was wondering if I'd been missing some late 60's work that I was unaware of.
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