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Your 10 favorite Post-Punk Groups ever
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keith a
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Re: Your 10 favorite Post-Punk Groups ev
Dec 31, 2004, 12:20
Dunno if you ever saw them live, but i did at the State, Liverpool at their peak, and they really were great. Three memories stand out apart from the actual band...

A lad in the queue outside with the most bizarre hairdo imaginable - he'd obviously tried something different as he was seeing SSS as his mates later joined him and took the piss mercilessly.

The roadies were all gig glamorous amazon women.

The reaction they inspired. A love to hate type thing. There was a guy by us, who seemed a quiet normal bloke. The Sputniks came on and he went crazy, shouting abuse, throwing his plastic 'glasses' at the band, a look of sheer hatred on his face. The gig ended and he snapped out of it, said something about the gig (think he said it was great!), said goodnight and went on his way like a totally different bloke. Weird!!
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