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Your 10 favorite Post-Punk Groups ever
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Re: Your 10 favorite Post-Punk Groups ever
Dec 31, 2004, 04:20
1. Pil - Oh Mr.Lydon, please rediscover your muse. We all know it's in there somewhere.

2. Joy Division - Listened to Unknown Pleasures lately? Listen loud, take a break, have a fag & a swift voddie then go back & listen to Interpol. Hahahahahahah!!!! they are bloody funny. And bloody crap.

3.The Slits - Sexiest band on the planet ever? & I don't mean because they got their tits out.....no male band could ever sound like this.

4. Siouxsie & Banshees - Forget the voodoogoth stuff. They were, imo, over already after Join Hands. First 2 albums minus the Lords Prayer bollcks. That guitar sound was just so out there at the time

5.Magazine - Punk or post-punk? Early Roxy with attitude. What a combination. Devoto, McGeoch & Barry Adamson.

6.And Also The Trees - You may scoff but i bet there aint one of ya out there who's heard anything by this lot in the last 15 years? Thought not. We should all know not to be put off by stereotypical cliches. AATT are not morbid goths. They are a very English kind of dark music. Closer in spirit to Copey than to Goth. They always wrote about the land, rural stuff. Their last album Further From The Truth is simply the bollocks. I recommend 'avin' a listen....

7. Gang Of 4 - The best live band I have ever seen bar none. B'ham odeon, with Pere Ubu & Delta 5. Stunning.

8. The Birthday Party - Nobody makes rock'n'roll like this anymore.

9.Comsat Angels - again, first 2 albums only. Both sound conspicuously current....

10. John Cooper Clarke - Who said that post-punk was humourless? Sorry mate, couldn't hear ya...yer mouth's full of shit....


1.U2(Started crap, ended up crap but with humour)
2.New Order (cos they basically turned out to be crap)
3.Bunnymen. Thought that would upset a few. hehe. They would have been in the top ten if they hadn't fuckin spoiled it with those reformed line-up albums & that bloody football record.
4.Simple Minds. Haahahahahah.
5.The Mekons - for only having recorded one good song in nearly 30 years
6. Anything by Kirk Brandon. Bloody Charlatan
7.The Alarm. See Kirk Brandon

Lost interest now....don't want to waste my time thinking about crap bands. Life's too short.


Whatever happened to The Scars. 'Horrorshow' must be one of THE great lost singles of our age
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