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Krautrock: Love it or Hate it!
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Re: Krautrock: Love it or Hate it!
Sep 02, 2004, 20:04
November 1995, I walked into a 3 floor record shop (Virgin?) in London (first time and so far my only visit to UK) and found a little book about Krautrock and literately read it from there, down the stairs, down the tube, walking behind my fellow student friends back to the hotel. And was lost forever. Blown away. Forever changed.
We were on a Shakespeare / Chris Marlowe / Ben Jonson-study tour with the university, but my mind was elsewhere (and Munich!).
It wasn´t my first encounter with Krautrock, (Can, Tangerine Dream, Faust) but still this book was absolutely fucking amazing. All this anarchy and truly inventional shit happening, and of course, served by the right mind. And this is my point: COPE SERVES KRAUTROCKISM!!!, that is, he made it, man! I felt much better reading about the albums than listening to most of them. I think reading COPE was like taking the whole GMBH thing and run it through a huge psychic FX board with hysterical compression, an encompassing echo/delay, filters, filters, wit, wah, clever observations and so on. Krautrocksampler is forever one of the three most important books I ever read. And the one I read most times.
I used to look at that GOLOWIN album and feel the sacred aura. Planned to go and find him in 1997. Never went.
Played in a band since ´92, mostly long jams and here suddenly was the textbook for our music. That book made me howling at the moon. For all it´s insanity.
It was a huge trip, going on for about two or three years, before fading out as I actually got hold of most of the stuff. Gotta stop, I´m at work. THANK YOU COPE!
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