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Krautrock: Love it or Hate it!
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Lord Lucan
Lord Lucan
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Re: Krautrock: Love it or Hate it!
Sep 02, 2004, 12:02
I came across Can through the Cannibalism 1 compilation when I was necking acid like sweeties and raving at the end of the eighties/early nineties, and used it as a post rave comedown album for years, and managed to convert plenty of other people to them that way too. Discovered Cluster and early Tangerene Dream after that, coz The Orb were namechecking them. Then went off to find other stuff for myself, like Faust, Amon Duul II etc, until Cope's Krautrocksampler came out, which made for a useful guide, though I disagree with several of his choices/ommissions. Sand and Brainticket should be in there for a start. The Cosmic Jokers and Ash Ra Tempel albums are the last truly mindblowingly stunning Krautrock I've come across. Everything I've come across since is just less inspired than all the other stuff I'd discovered earlier. And some of it really stinks of jazz-fusion. Yeuch. Steer clear of Wallenstein! >shudder<. Top of the heap for me are Can though. The most inventive and truly out there of these bands. And to go from the sandpaper abrasiveness of Monster Movie, through the monumental headfuck of Tago Mago to the swoonsome lushness of Future Days is no mean feat. Much as I love them Faust sound like a cabaret act in comparison.

Anyway, in conclusion, like any type of music there are good examples, less good examples, and downright stinkers. And there are always going to be people who just hate the whole lot too!
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