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Justine Greening and her plan
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Captain Starlet
Captain Starlet
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Re: 4 Labour MPs just saved May
Jul 26, 2018, 18:00
Why is it when anyone tries to defend the dross that is labour the first thing mentioned is Iraq? Iraq may be Blair's legacy but he did a whole load of other things which have benefitted the country and to just focus on one thing is, quite honestly, ignorance.

If it wasn't for Robin Cook Corbyn wouldn't have even questioned Iraq, it was Cook who spearheaded the whole movement, as usual Corbyn was just a hanger on in the right time and place.

Was Corbyn right to oppose Kosovo, thus saving the lives of over 1 million people in a genocide? If awaiting Corbyn they'd be dead! Was Corbyn right to ignore the child abuse scandal in his own constituency? Personally I'd say no.

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