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Re: survival of
Oct 03, 2004, 09:55
Hansard Debate -
"People feel that there is much misery in the countryside anyway and if the fox was not being chased by them it would be chased by something else. Hunting is their pleasure and they want to continue to do it. I argue, as I argued to the hon. Member for Mid-Sussex, that that attitude should not be protected in this day and age. We have moved beyond the point at which it is acceptable to allow entertainment that has prolonged animal suffering as its by-product. Hon. Members may argue that other practices, such as factory farming, cause animal suffering. We accept that those other practices also need examination, and that has overwhelming majority support."

I like that.
The majority is entitled to say they now wish to have a society in which it is not acceptable "to allow entertainment that has prolonged animal suffering as its by-product".

Is that an assault on individual rights? You betcha.
Is it partly fuelled by class envy, urban ignorance and vote catching? Maybe.
Will it add much to the total of fox happiness? Probably not.
Is it a small step towards a more decent society? Yes. Let's just do it.
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