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Polite notice for Pro Hunt Supporters
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Re: Polite notice for Pro Hunt Supporter
Sep 30, 2004, 09:37
"I honestly don't know the true merits of these arguments having no experience of hunting but they don't seem absurd and i am worried if the anti-hunt lobby don't at least try to understand these ideas (along with the logical argument about animal welfare already stated) then what governments/pressure groups will try to understand my beliefs and interests before they decide to ban things that are important to me?"

I do understand, I've been on a hunt, I've seen what happens, I've met the people who do this.. I've made my own opinon of what I think is right and wrong and this is wrong. When your garden is ruined by the hunt not giving a toss, or they leave their dogs behind in your garden and don't give a toss you learn about these things. I'm now a townie but I was also a Country Bumpkin (Wiltshire & Dorset) and I've made my own decision that this is wrong. I'm not an expert on this but at 31 years old I can see what is what.... the problem I can see with the Pro-Hunters at the moment is that they are the ones who really 'don't give a toss', dead animals on the streets in Brighton, fighting on the streets of London!! It that had been the Anti-Hunt Protesters we would have been (and have been) classed as terrorists/anarchists whatever you want to call them.. but nooooo the Pro-Hunters are just 'Poor old country folk'... I agree with you Duckbreath that 'animal welfare issues' need to be looked at, 'factory farming' needs to be looked at but to say that it is impossible for Meat Eaters to be Anti-Hunt is just plain wrong.. I think there are enough people on this site who would agree with you... as I said above if a group of meat eaters came out and wanted to help stop a Hunt I certainly would not turn them down....

You have your views and I have mine. I don't know where you live or whether you are in the UK, but If you are in the UK I'd pop on out early one morning and see exactly what goes on.... ;op Will open your eyes...

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