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any info?
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Re: any info?
Jan 13, 2004, 06:43
Irish sites are all known by the townand they are situated in: hence this site should be known as Rosdoagh. It is very important that the correct names be used so that when people search for a site they find it. Luckily we have the Alternative Name feature now and so other names that a site is known by can be added.

For Irish sites it would be my preference (for what that's worth) - and proper - if the townland were used as the main site name and alternatives added as just that: alternatives. If a site is *still* known as <i>The Druid's Circle</i>, for instance, then this can be used and the townland added as an alternative.

Thanks for adding a link to megalithomania, by the way. In this case it's necessary, because the toolbar plug-in wouldn't work - due to TMA having the wrong name.
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