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cool pagan-like poems appropriate for parents funeral
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cool pagan-like poems appropriate for parents funeral
May 26, 2010, 11:34
In a few weeks I have my mom's funeral and am thinking about the possibility of reading something that expresses my sort of attitude concerning the whole ball of wax. Below is a couple things I had for my dad's funeral that I would like to share here below. Both are American Indian, I would be happy to hear anybody else's which they've found... I'm sure there's some great in English/Irish writing I'm not aware of. This would be wonderful.

If this or something similar has been covered elsewhere in posts on the forum please direct me!

cheers and happy Summer!

a Quechua prayer
Where are you going, my father?
I'm going to the great forest, I'm going walking.
Why do you go? Who goes with you?
I go to the harvest, I go alone.

In the woods where you must go
Black flag is waving.
In the open place where you must cross
departing grass spreads cloaks of flowers.

Little Bell,
Ring farewell for me.
I am going to the great forest.
I will never return.

a Souix prayer
My child, you have toiled through life and come to the end: and now our Lord has obliged you. Truly our home is not on earth: only for a while, only briefly do we w do we enjoy the companionship of one another. You have been taken by the Lord, he of the Swirling Waters, and also the Lady of the Land.
He has made you be his servant, he has brought you to his seat. For truly our home is there, our place of creation and ending is there, there where the the earth grows wide, where it all ends.
Now you have gone, gone to what ever kind of place it may be, the place where we all are born, the place we all go to,
At the end of many days you went away and left your children, your grandchildren; you left them orphaned you left them living. We will go and join you, we will be with you at the end of many days.

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