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cool pagan-like poems appropriate for parents funeral
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Re: cool pagan-like poems appropriate for parents funeral
May 27, 2010, 22:27
Sorry to hear about your mum. I've got a couple of photos of my parents (they died years ago now), framed together with this poem, which gives me comfort. It's by a wartime poet called Seigfried Sassoon.

"I Shall Find You

In the grey summer garden I shall find you
with day-break and the morning hills behind you,
there will be rain-wet roses; stir of wings;
and down the wood a thrush that wakes and sings.
Nor from the past you'll come, but from that deep
where beauty murmurs to the soul asleep:
and I shall know the sense of life re-born
from dreams into the mystery of morn
where gloom and brightness meet.
And standing there
till that calm song is done, at last we'll share
the league-spread, quiring symphonies that are
joy in the world, and peace, and dawn's one star."

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