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Can anyone help please?
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Edited Jan 17, 2018, 08:26
Can anyone help please?
Jan 16, 2018, 17:31
I just wondered if any of you very well informed folks might know of anything....

I'm looking for an App that might be out there. We have the technology I reckon, I just don't know if anyone's quite brought it together yet.

I want to download an app either to my phone or preferably the TV. I want the app to recognise what music is being played in much the same way as Soundhound does. However, rather than having to keep asking for a search again when a new track comes on I'd like for the app to detect automatically and identify each new track as it comes over the speakers.

Ideally I'd like for the App to state what the track is, the artist and the album. If it could show the album artwork, lyrics, etc etc so much the better.

I'm playing downloaded tracks through my amp, which is also linked up through the TV. If the TV could then present on the screen said information I'm thinking that would be really useful and at least compensate for the lack of package that you get when you buy the vynal. Just paying for and downloading the track seems a bit cold.

Perhaps I'm asking too much.But thanks for reading.

PS: Another possibility would be to download an app that would at least throw up on to the screen some nice visualizers

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