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Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 16 December 2017 CE
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Edited Dec 17, 2017, 12:31
Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 16 December 2017 CE
Dec 17, 2017, 01:42
Talk Talk - The Colour of Spring

Kate Bush - The Dreaming

Fripp & Eno - Evening Star

Steve Roach - Vortex Immersion Zone

The Byrds - The Notorious Byrd Brothers

Alio Die - Sit Tibi Terra Levis - Introspective

Alio Die - Seamlessly Bliss

Alio Die - Standing in a Place

Brian Eno with Jon Hopkins & Leo Abrahams - Small Craft On A Milk Sea

Klaus Schulze - Mirage

John Coltrane - Live in Seattle (disc1)

Johnny Cash - Look At Them Beans

Johnny Cash - Classic Christmas

John Fahey - The Legend of Blind Joe Death

The Irish Rovers - Hardstuff

The Irish Rovers - Celebrate! The First Thirty Years

raison d'être - Mise En Abyme

Charles Bobuck - GOD-O

Orbital - Insides (2cd)

Roy Smeck - Plays Hawaiian Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele And Guitar 1926-1949

Shack - Waterpistol

The Hollies - Evolution (Sundazed cd)

Richard Pinhas - Iceland

Miles Davis - Miles: The New Miles Davis Quintet

Miles Davis - The Musings of Miles

Miles Davis and Milton Jackson - Quintet / Sextet

Miles Davis - Miles Davis And The Modern Jazz Giants

Miles Davis featuring Sonny Rollins - Dig

King Crimson - Larks’ Tongues in Aspic

King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King, An Observation By King Crimson

David Bowie - st (1969)

Third Ear Band - Alchemy

Amon Düül II - Phallus Dei

Deep Purple - st

Joni Mitchell - Clouds

Silver Apples - Contact

The Byrds - The Ballad of Easy Rider

The Moody Blues - On The Threshold of a Dream

Bee Gees - Cucumber Castle

Tim Buckley - Blue Afternoon

Crosby, Stills & Nash - st

Elton John - Empty Sky
Fitter Stoke
Fitter Stoke
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Re: Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 16 December 2017 CE
Dec 17, 2017, 09:09
Steve Hogarth & Richard Barbieri ’Not the Weapon but the Hand’
Steve Hogarth & Richard Barbieri ‘Arc Light’
Neil Young & Promise of the Real ‘The Visitor’
Throwing Muses ‘The Real Ramona’
Boz Scaggs ‘Moments’
Boz Scaggs ‘Boz Scaggs & Band’
Boz Scaggs ‘A Fool To Care’
Captain Beefheart ‘Unconditionally Guaranteed’
Richard Hell and the Voidoids ‘Blank Generation’
Television ‘Little Johnny Jewel’ 45
Geoffrey Richardson & Jim Leverton ‘The End of the Pier Show’
Barclay James Harvest ‘Everyone Is Everybody Else’
Maynard Ferguson ‘Live At Jimmy’s’
Charley Pride ‘Amazing Love’
Charley Pride ‘Tenth Album’
Vaughan Williams: Symphony no.4 (LPO/Sir Adrian Boult)
Mozart: Piano Trios K502 & K542 (Beaux Arts Trio)
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Re: Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 16 December 2017 CE
Dec 17, 2017, 09:22
Corrupted: Paso Inferior
Ilenandos de Gusanos

Brainbombs: Burning Hell
Genius and Brutality

Cure: Faith
17 Seconds

Giles Corey: 2xLP box set
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Re: Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 16 December 2017 CE
Dec 17, 2017, 10:53
Low - A Lifetime Of Temporary Relief Disc 2

Bridget St. John - Ask Me No Questions

Belle & Sebastian - If You're Feeling Sinister

Dr Strangely Strange - Kip Of The Serenes
Dr Strangely Strange - Heavy Petting
Dr Strangely Strange - Halcyon Days

John Lennon - Mind Games

Windy & Carl - Antarctica
Windy & Carl - Depths
Windy & Carl - A Dream Of Blue
Windy & Carl - Consciousness

Mercury Rev - Snowflake Midnight
Mercury Rev - The Light In You

Stina Nordenstam - This Is Stina Nordenstam
Stina Nordenstam - The World Is Saved

Paul Simon - Hearts And Bones

Sunn O))) - Monoliths & Dimensions

Scott Walker - Bish Bosch
Scott Walker & Sunn O))) - Soused

The Police - Synchronicity

Black Sabbath - Never Say Die

Propaganda - Noise and Girls Come Out to Play: A Compact Introduction

Brian Wilson - What I Really Want for Christmas

Bee Gees - Cucumber Castle
jb lamptoast-morsley
jb lamptoast-morsley
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Re: Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 16 December 2017 CE
Dec 17, 2017, 15:15
David Bowie - Blackstar, Earthling and Outside. With a bit of time since its release I can now say that I don't like Blackstar as much as Earthling which for some reason is my fav Bowie! and Outside which might be my 2nd fav. Blackstar would make the top 10 though.

Jimmy Scott - If you only knew - the collection. Can't deny this guy's voice. Sycamore tree is one of my fav songs ever. But not keen on the jazz wine bar type arrangements here.

Joe Gibbs & the Professionals - African Dub all-mighty vol1

Joe Henderson & Alice Coltrane - The Elements

Julian Cope - Trip Advisor, St Julian Deluxe Try Try Try EP and I come from another Planet Baby EP. Fascinated by the 2nd CD of St Julian which I have mostly heard under the guise of The Followers of St Julian, but not listened to in about 20 years. Quite unsettling in places and a strange point in his career.
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Re: Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 16 December 2017 CE
Dec 17, 2017, 15:15
Neil Young - Hitchhiker

Bruce Springsteen - Berkley 1978

Traffic - Paper Rain Live 1967-68

Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Leonard/Carolyn 7"

Scott Walker - Tilt

Allman Bothers - Fishin' For a Good Time (New Orleans 1971)

Syd Barrett - I've Got A Room Of Musical Tunes

Dinosaur Jr. - Where You Been / Bug / Peel Session

Talking Heads - Speaking In Tongues / Ramain in Light / Fear of Music

Bathory - Nordland II

Sleep - Dopesmoker

Julian Cope - Rite at Ya

Electric Wizard - Wizard Bloody Wizard
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Re: Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 16 December 2017 CE
Dec 17, 2017, 17:39
Tangerine Dream - Zeit
Jean-Michel Jarre - Oxygene
Jean-Michel Jarre - Equinoxe
Gang of Four - Entertainment!

Jean-Michel Jarre - Magnetic Fields
Jean-Michel Jarre - Les Concerts en Chine
New Order - The Peel Session (1982)
New Order - Power, Corruption & Lies
New Order - "Thieves Like Us" 12"
The Wonder Stuff - The Eight Legged Groove Machine
Ian McCulloch - Candleland
New Order - "Round & Round" CD singles x 2
New Order "Run 2" 12"
Pet Shop Boys - "It's Alright" CD single
Pixies - Doolittle
R.E.M. - Green
The Stone Roses - "Made of Stone", "She Bangs The Drums" CD singles
S'xpress - "Hey Music Lover" 7"
Technotronic - "Pump Up The Jam" 7"
The Wonder Stuff - "Who Wants To Be The Disco King?" CD single
The Wonder Stuff - Hup

The Sundays - Reading, Writing & Arithmetic
Disco Inferno - "Entertainment" 7"
Disco Inferno - DI Go Pop
John Foxx - 20th Century (compilation)

Slowdive - Slowdive
BEAK>> - "(Merry Xmas) Face The Future" download
Squid Tempest
Squid Tempest
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Re: Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 16 December 2017 CE
Dec 17, 2017, 20:27
Did you have the disco lights on this week? :)
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Re: Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 16 December 2017 CE
Dec 17, 2017, 20:54
The Association - Greatest Hits!

David Bowie - Low / Stage / Bowie Rare

John Coltrane - Giant Steps / Coltrane Jazz / Ole Coltrane

Julian Cope - Skellington / Droolian / Jehovahkill / Jehovahcoat Demos / Fear Loves This Place (12" EP) / Trip Advizer

Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue / E.S.P / Miles Smiles / Sorcerer

The Flaming Lips - Playing Hide & Seek With The Ghost Of Dawn

Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

Japan - Quiet Life

King Gizzard - Polygondwanaland

Mountain Bus - Sundance

Nektar - Journey To The Centre Of The Eye

Bill Nelson - The Love That Whirls (Diary Of A Thinking Heart) / La Belle Etla Bete

Pink Fairies - S/t (comp)

Pink Floyd - Ummagumma

Psychedelic Furs - Talk Talk Talk / Mirror Moves

Second Hand - Reality

Spirit - Twelve Dreams Of Dr Sardonicas

Spooky Tooth - S/t

Stereolab - Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements / Mars Audiac Quartet

The Stranglers - Black & White / The Raven / The Gospel According To The Men In Black / Collection (1977-1982)

Swans - Filth / Burning World

Swell Maps - A Trip To Marionville / Jane Fom Occupied Europe / Train Out Of It

Teardrop Explodes - Bates Motel / BBC Sessions

Van Der Graaf Generator - Still Life / World Record
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Re: Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 16 December 2017 CE
Dec 17, 2017, 21:07
Looooong day driving Saturday, nice day today, musically, this week has mostly been....

Siouxsie and the Banshees. Pretty much everything I have (which is quite a lot as it turns out). Had a proper Banshees head on this week, and have enjoyed immensely revisiting their catalougue in no particular order. Kaleidoscope prob' got the most plays of all though, I do love that record!

David Bowie - various bootlegs from the 'Stage' period. Most are pretty good too. Also a few very early-ish gigs, with OK-ish sound quality, where his stage banter is, quite honestly, excruciating. Honestly, I feel fer the guy, I truley do. Goes down with the crowd like a hot turd in a small car.

Radiophonic workshop - Burials In Several Earths.
Streamed this, First Impressions was it's kinda OK, but for me lacks those zany/far out/scary sounds used by Delia et al. File under ambient-ish.

Space Rock - An Interstellar Travellers Guide - Various..
Maaaan. Have totally fell in luuurve with Faust's 12 minute wonder 'Parasiten', which apparently only appears on this comp, and another (I think) Mexican soundtrack to a cowboy movie called '8 Assassins', which looks to have an OK OST TBH. https://purplepyramid.bandcamp.com/track/parasiten
Also the Shatner/Hillage version of 'Rocket Man' is hillarious/great in equal measure. Hell, Shatner even sounds like Iggy fer the first part of the song.
Anyhow, great box set comp, just right fer loooong car chornies.

Now That's What I Call Xmas vol: 2000679
Tiddlers choice on way home. Maaan that Greg Lake Song, and 'Stop The Cavalry' always bring a lump to my fricken throat.

Have a better one!
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