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Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 18 November 2017 CE
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Re: Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 18 November 2017 CE
Nov 20, 2017, 20:00
Monganaut wrote:
They're the new big thang don't ya know, lauded all over the place, well the places I've read. I kinda feel sorry fer artists that are heralded as the emporers new clothes on the strength of their latest effort. If everything they produce isn't top notch, peeps soon loose interest. I quite liked the record on the first couple of listens I must admit, though I can't say it's gonna rearrange my brain DNA like some folks do. This is no reflection on the artist in question (and maybe my expectations of qualifies as a fabulous record sets the bar too high), but peeps do sem to herald fairly pedestrian music as 'amazing' these days. Maybe it's cos' there is so much choice.
God! I sound like a moany old cunt....I'll get me coat.

I didn't know that, as it happens, I don't read much trendy music press these days :) Good luck to the guy if he has become popular though, fleetingly or otherwise. I bought the Inheritors mainly on the basis of the cover and the song titles...

But I agree with your point generally, and I think part of the difficulty as well as breadth of choice is ease of availability. Once upon a time you really had to want a record enough to go to a shop, do battle with the sneers of the guy behind the counter and part with your readies, and that was usually the only way to even hear a lot of stuff unless a mate had it already. I've lost count of the number of records I bought without ever hearing a note, on the strength of reviews in NME or wherever. Whereas now you can dip in on Spotify or whatever it's quite easy to quite like something enough to buy it online without leaving your living room or engaging with anyone, but without really investing any emotional effort into it. I still buy most of the stuff I get in shops when they have it. There are exceptions though, and much of new music I've bought over the last ten years has come from recommendations - and much of it is instrumental electronica and manipulated field stuff, which as you say isn't necessarily life changing but which does engage my brain very nicely indeed. To really grab my emotional attention though still usually takes meaningful lyrics.
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