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Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 4 November 2017 CE
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Re: Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 4 November 2017 CE
Nov 05, 2017, 21:52
not done this for a while as I've been trawling through a bunch of MP3s and so no big pile to reference
I have decided in the Beatles vs Rolling Stones debate the Beatles win hands down

also T-Rex vs Slade is a draw , Bolan didn't half sing some nonsense but he has some lovely riffs and after 3 hours Noddy does get a bit shouty but otherwise more fun than a big fun thing

watched the Sex Pistols at Xmas , what lovely people they were/are Lydon face down in a cake coming up with a big grin on his face cheered me up no end

4 1/2 hours of Black metal compilations is fun, also BM is universal, English, Chinese, Hungarian,Finnish, Martian they all sound exactly the same, except South americans who are always sadder and/or Angrier and the Japanese singing Spanish who just sound awesome

30 Odd Years The Subway Sect, I know this because I purchased a copy from Vic Godard after seeing his excellent Band live

also saw Ghost Poet[surprisingly chunky live, also Mogwai-like ], GY!BE [superb, probably not a good judge as I love them but they were superb], Inca Babies amongst others at a lets celebrate John Peel event also very good[ also featured Sunderlands top surf punk band Milk Lizards, 2 guys playing improvised wahed accordians and gongs and Pellethead [who also supported The Subway Sect]

Danzig - I've just played this so it makes the list, played the Meteors before so that's in as well

Lots of Dio, whose voice definitely went South before he died and employed far too many squealy harmonics guitar players , Man On The Silver Mountain does not require Harmonics you squealing buffoon

The Cult - Electric Peace Mrs Elf has played this a lot, I'm not complaining, if nothing else our combined love of The Cult means neither of us will ever be invited to the cool kids table, AND WE DON'T CARE
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