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Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 27 May 2017 CE
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Re: Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 27 May 2017 CE
May 28, 2017, 23:52
Cool track to cover. The stuff on Peggy Deluxe is singles etc...from later (Peggy era) singles/material. The Followers of St Julian is tracks collected from assorted singles from around the time of Saint Julian (86/87). Deffo worth picking up, though I believe it was a bit of an Island Records cash in at the time. I suppose it serves as a companion to St Julian, in the same was as those Peggy/Jehovahkill deluxe editions collected the various singles/b-sides etc onto disc 2..

Here's what Jason Parkes, Amazons No.1 reviewer yarbles about it

"This compilation stems from 1986/87's rebirth of once Fried-Droolian to St Julian- the succesful, outwardly commercial phase. These songs stem from the editions of singles World Shut Your Mouth, Trampolene & Eve's Volcano- at that point in time there were no silly rules regarding duration, the number of formats or how many different tracks you could include. So a cornocopia of lovelies were often found on cassingles, 12" remixes and the like...
We get the tracks from the original 12" of World Shut Your Mouth- the kicking original Umpteenth Unnatrual Blues and covers of 13th Floor Elevators' Levitation and Pere Ubu's Non-alignment Pact (found on the Easter Everywhere & Modern Dance albums respectively). From a remix 12" we get the interesting Troublefunk mix of World Shut Yr Mouth- which predates all that baggie nonsense of a few years later in the rock/dance fusion department that would attach itself to bands like Stone Roses, Happy Mondays and even U2.
The tracks from the Trampolene 12" are probably the best songs here- Disaster remains one of his finest songs, while Mock Turtle and Warwick the Kingmaker prove that the Fried-sound had not been completely consigned to the past. Warne Livesy (The The, Wiseblood) overhauls Trampolene wonderfully from another format of Trampolene (there are also two versions of Transporting/Trainsporting from various formats- this was Cope's intro tape and first experiment with he who would become Thighpaulsandra).
The remaining tracks are from the horrible Eve's Volcano (Covered in Sin) single- easily the worst track on St Julian (it ripped off a terrible Rolling Stones song, for a start). Should have been Spacehopper, Shot Down or St Julian! The Volcano Lungo mix is very of its time; though b-side Almost Beautiful Child is rather divine stuff"
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