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Lady Gaga on The Brits
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Lonesome Cowboy Bill
Lonesome Cowboy Bill
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Re: Lady Gaga on The Brits
Feb 17, 2010, 17:27
Moon Cat wrote:

And I am simply pointing out that there tends to be an imagined gap betwixt pop as being marketed and therefore 'fake' and other music as somehow being more 'real'. I just think it ALL gets sold at you at some level and it's pointless us the consumers thinking it doesn't*. I bet Bob Dylan's last release, for example would have a big marketing budget like a Gaga album - it's just sold differentlty, in a more 'credible' way because it's supposedly more 'credible' music.

*Except metal, which is eternal and throbs within the hearts of warriors born obviously.

Agreed, well, not the metal bit. My inner metal warrior deserted camp many years ago.

Even the new earnest songwriters being sold as a refreshing departure from todays manufactured pop are still be marketed, it's ironic in a way. Plus they've no doubt been styled a certain way. I don't give a flying hoot what genre something is, if it gets me going either in the brain, groin or feet, or hopefully all three, then it's a winner. I used to be very snobby with regards modern RnB and pop but have since opened my mind and heart to the good stuff so will happily play Gaga's 'Bad Romance' or Beyonces 'Single Ladies' after listening to CAN or Neil Young or something on the 'real' scale.
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