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Lady Gaga on The Brits
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Re: Lady Gaga on The Brits
Feb 17, 2010, 12:42
machineryelf wrote:
cHARLIE wrote:
Liam is a cock cus he takes the wrong drugs. If he had done a bit of the old LSD like his heroes back in the 60s rather than playing the hard man, then he could have progressed and grown up a bit. As for his brother Noel.. I have a bit of hope for him cus he *is* a clever man and can write the odd good song now and again.

ANYWAY WHO AM i TO slag these people off, my music and my bands didn't ever come to much in the end fer all my years of plugging away at it. Tiz easy to be a critic not so easy to be a rock star. A good song is a good song. Tiz all about catching the moment & being lucky enough to have that moment recorded properly.

As for the world of pop ... I think I will leave that for the teenagers.


good point charlie,I really liked the first 2 Oasis records but since then they've recycled the same old thing with diminihing returns
Hopefully Noel will hook up with Amorphous dofussness and put out some more classic 22min singles. As for Liam , he'd best hook up sharpish with someone who can write some tunes, you should offer charlie , you can do better than those Heavy Stereo/Ride chaps. What a delightful thought Liam sings Ride, could this finally be the thing worse than Chris De Burgh?

Ha,ha ... Liam wouldn't piss on me if I was on fire!

As for me I want to write songs like this

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