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Bands You Just Don't Get ...
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Hunter T Wolfe
Hunter T Wolfe
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Re: Bands You Just Don't Get ...
Oct 04, 2008, 19:22
Popel Vooje wrote:
Hunter T Wolfe wrote:

I love Tim and I love Len, but I just don't get Jeff Buckley at all, or his histrionic interpretation of 'Hallelujah'. I know the entire world loves him and he died for all our sins, but... meh.

Also, I can't stand The Flaming Lips. Granted, some of their early work is quite enjoyably chaotic, but mainly I hate Wayne Coyne's faux-naive, faux-profound, 'I speak the truth like a child' wide-eyed creepy guru-messiah schtick, which amounts to spouting dreadful American hippy platitudes in a whiny high voice with KY Jelly melting in his beard. Their hit singles over the last decade have musically been more akin to Coldplay, yet they receive tons of critical plaudits.

I REALLY don't get it.

Jeff was a lot better live than on record, as the syrupy production on "Grace" unfortunately removed a lot of the edge from his performances. Fair enough though, his dad was miles better as an artist, if not - by all accounts - as a human being.

Even as recently as five years ago I would have disagreed with your assessment of the Flaming Lips - "Hit To Death in the Future Head" is one of my favourite albums of all time - but I'll admit that their recent output has tested the patience of even a long-term fan like me. Too much widdly prog nonsense.

Mind you, even "At War With the Mystics" wasn't as bad as the last two Mercury Rev hjave put out. They need David Baker back in the band, pronto. On a good night, the early line-up were a blistering enough live act to raze entire civilisations. Now they're just boring Dadrock bollox.

True story- I was in the new Rough Trade off Brick Lane a month or so ago browsing, and two hipster type guys aged 21, 22 or so came in, one picked up a Tim Buckley CD and held it up to his mate with an ironic snicker. 'Look, it's Jeff's dad,' he said. 'Really?' the other smirked back.

I take all your points, though. Fair enough. Agree about Mercury Rev, too; I don't think I've even heard their last couple, but although they were great in their day they've been on a steady decline for a while. Like many others.
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