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Moon Cat
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Sep 17, 2008, 15:43
It probably is a difference based on our experiences. Funny thing is, in terms of impact and influence the NWOBHM is definitely resonating in a way I wouldn't have expected today, beyond its initial impact - A lot of the extreme black/death metal bands of today refer to some of the classic, and even some of the most obscure bands from that era as inspirations and influences, and amidst all the WOOOOOOAAAAAARGH, I must admit I can hear what they mean.

Also, I think the things that NWOBHM (fed up of typing that!) took from punk i.e indie labels, raw production etc, has in turn fed into the current crop of metal bands out there on the fringes. The fact that labels are re-releasing old and obscure albums and/or compilations from back in the day seems this bear this out too. I presume they wouldn't do it if the interest wasn't there to begin with.

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