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Sep 11, 2008, 18:09
I kinda like the nostalgia but thought (and still think) most NWOBHM bands were pretty awful, but each to their own. I saw loads of 'em live but only bought albums by relatively few.

Angelwitch were ok live in a cartoon Sabbath kinda way but I didn't think their records did them justice.

Always thought Paul Samson was shite, but when Bruce Dickinson was with them I quite liked Samson. Girl were great but wore make-up & were too American influenced for British rockers at the time.

Everyone knows what Iron Maiden & Daft Leotard were/are like. Probly Saxon too - had a few decent songs but I always hated Biff's voice.

Thought Diamond Head were ok tho I'm always a bit surprised by the enthusiasm a lotta people show nowadays. They never seemed to get that many fans at the time! Not saying it's as a result of Metallica's references to 'em, but that's when it seems to have started.

White Spirit were ok in a more traditional (with keyboards) kinda way. Praying Mantis were okish in an almost Wishbone Ash way.

Quite liked Tygers of Pan Tang for a few albums, but unlike everyone else I liked them better from the 2nd album. Their last couple were dreadful tho. Loved 'The Cage' - which has 'Makin Tracks' on, Shelby....

Off the top of me head, Raven, Vardis, Witchfynde, Spider, Venom, Witchfinder General, Lightning Raiders, Girlschool, Rock Goddess and Jaguar were amongst the ones I thought were kak.

Tank are still the worst band I've ever seen live. Sounded like they were all playing different songs in different tempos.

As a cuppla non-British bands have been mentioned, I'll just add that I thout Trust were shite (also had Nicko McBrain), Riot were ok & as mentioned - not NWOBHM (or even metal really) but I LOVE Pat Travers's 70s stuff.


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