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underrated guitarists
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Dog 3000
Dog 3000
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Re: underrated guitarists
Feb 13, 2008, 23:16
PAUL RUDOLPH!!! To me, he is the ultimate in "unsung" guitar heroes - hardly anyone has heard of him, but he's incredible. (Third Deviants album, first two Pink Fairies records, plus Twink's solo LP . . . and later *bassist* for Brian Eno!!)


GREG GINN -- Black Flag!

EDDIE HAZEL was the best of many greats in Funkadelic. But he's well known for being unsung I think.

ZOOT HORN ROLLO & ANTENNAE JIMMY SEMENS -- whatever their real names were, those guys were crazy. (BERN NIX and CHARLES ELLERBEE produce a similar sound on some of Ornette Coleman's "fusion" records.)

HAROLD KELLING & GLENN PHILLIPS -- Hampton Grease Band, sort of southern fried prog-Beefheart dual lead guitar!

The WIGGIN SISTERS -- forget the names of the two who played guitar in The Shaggs; another wacky two-of-a-kind guitar duo.

STERLING MORRISON -- his rhythm guitar was just as distinctive as Moe's kettle drum or Cale's electric viola or Reed's monotone. Never gets as much attention as the others in the band.

RANDY CALIFORNIA -- from Spirit; solo album "Kapt Kopter" is guitar glory!


CHRIS KARRER from Amon Duul II (sorta primitive metal-ish naive style that is pretty distinctive.)

JOHN FOGERTY -- not just a songwriter with a smoky voice, he was also the lead gitarist in CCR -- great workouts like "Ramble Tamble" and "Born On The Bayou" etc.

STEPHEN MALKMUS -- ditto with above; he plays all the hot guitar licks on those Pavement records, "Spiral Stairs" can't play for doodley-squat.

BOB STINSON - dead Replacements lead guitarist -- hot chops, no taste, and totally wasted. Pure rocknroll!

MOORE & RENALDO -- from the Sonic Tooth; Renaldo is the more "professional" player who tends to do the "melodic" bits, whereas Thurston is more "self taught" and tends to do the "overhwelming noise" bits. So I say, advantage Thurston.

Who's the guy who plays guitar on the first few GURU GURU albums? He's cool.

Whoever played guitar in THE MONKS, as well as the electric banjo player (Dave Day.)

Watched "Rust Never Sleeps: The Movie" recently and was struck by what a fantastic *ACOUSTIC* guitar player NEIL YOUNG is.
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