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Brexit and the UK food industry.
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Re: Brexit and the UK food industry.
Jul 24, 2017, 23:07
Captain Starlet wrote:
thesweetcheat wrote:

It's okay, Liam Fox is arranging for us to import deregulated food from the US, we'll be fine. Mmmmmm chlorinated chicken.

Yum! It genuinely makes me wonder what it is people who support leaving the EU was going to happen. Why are we even talking about importing things like that when we should be supporting our own economy?

I've given up trying to rationalise any of it.

In the course of a year, not one actual, measurable, tangible benefit has been articulated. Anything that was stated as a positive by the Leave campaign has been long-since discredited, and nothing is produced in its place as a reason to support leaving. No-one can point to a specific EU law or regulation that they don't agree with, expect for made up ones about bananas, and freedom of movement.

Neither the Tories nor Labour can explain coherently how we'll be better off out after their version(s) of Brexit, although at least the Tories have essentially admitted that leaving the EU will give them further opportunity to deregulate everything and make the UK into a tax haven. Labour want to implement a massive programme of social change, but seem unwilling to confront the reality that Brexit will take away the money that they would need to pay for it, and a lot more besides.

After a year of trying to understand the motivations, my only conclusions are:

(a) it's all faith-based and unless you're a "believer" there will be nothing to understand - proof denies faith, after all; or
(b) now that the stated benefits have been discredited and it's becoming apparent that the deal will not be a good one, people who voted to leave don't want to admit that there will be no benefits to any of us; or
(c) it was all based on xenophobia all along and the proponents don't want to admit that.
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