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Brussels ........
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Re: Brussels ........
Mar 29, 2016, 20:43
handofdave wrote:
dhajjieboy wrote:
I don't think that 'western civilization' is totally culpable here.

Did I say that it was?


I only pointed out the obvious... we are complicit in the radicalization of Islam. Not exclusively to blame, but we have done our part, us westerners.
dhajjieboy wrote:

You know, it's an irony of modern life that literacy may have a lot to do with things these days.

So.... peace thru ignorance and illiteracy, is what you're saying?
dhajjieboy wrote:


It's only recently in history that so many Islamist's could actually read and understand the Koran, and are conscripting so many of it's tenets that are call to arms against the 'unbelievers and infidels'...

I believe that I was quite clear in my above statement, it's the conscripting of the worst tenets of Islam by modern literate readers that is the impetus for much of the offshoot terrorist cells and factions to go off on there own with there own justifications via skewed understandings of the Koran.

Too bad that Islam does not seem to be an evolving faith.

I don't know if it's correct to say that Islam is not evolving unless you're pointing out the degeneration of other religions, most notably Christianity... in my country, it has become a batshit crazy confederacy of people who's words and actions seem to bear no relation to the teachings of their own prophet.

The statement I made used the word "seems"
And as much as anyone would like to...I'm not at all for laying what these sons of bitches are doing in Europe at the moment on United States Christian evangelicals.
That's a whole 'nother conversation.

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